Reality contol samples  
This page contains reality control samples. On the reality contol basics page, you will find a description of what is the basis of their operation, how to interpret them, use them and create with them.
See the thoughts in the samples as sharp, colorful, alive, vivid picture and with pure love.
Resolving the Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Making life eternal
Transforming pests into beneficial organisms
Restoration of water levels in lakes and rivers
Eliminating the danger of spring frost
Calming down of hail, lightning, too much rain, storm, natural disaster
Prevention of natural disasters
Resolving the Russian-Ukrainian crisis with reality control
Now I will create and control the solution of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis with my thoughts and consciousness.
With my consciousness, I look back at planet Earth from as far away as the entire planet can be seen and Ukraine, the western part of Russia and Europe are clearly visible, but I also sense the territory of the USA in my consciousness.
I know that with my love I alone shape the thoughts of 100,000 people who think in fear into love, into life.
I know that when others do the same, our impact will be so enormous that reality will change radically.
I create that Vladimir Putin will deploy his troops to Ukraine for the sole purpose of eliminating the threat to Russia posed by the weapons there.
Russian soldiers only deactivate Ukrainian weapons.
The Ukrainian population is realizing that it is not possible to defend with offensive weapons, just to attack, to aggravate the situation, to strengthen the war.
The Ukrainian population is realizing that as long as there is a long-range offensive weapon on Ukrainian territory, its brother country will feel in danger and there will be tension between them.
Ukrainian soldiers voluntarily offer long-range offensive weapons to Russian soldiers so that they can neutralize them.
Arms companies are starting to produce defensive devices and life supporting machines instead of offensive weapons, so their source of revenue will remain, and they will support life from now on forever.
Russian soldiers do not attack people, they take care of the safety and integrity of all people.
Russian soldiers are also taking care of the integrity of Ukrainian soldiers.
Russian soldiers are leaving the subsistence systems necessary for the healthy life of the Ukrainian people intact.
The Ukrainian people consider the neighboring Russian people and soldiers as brothers and sisters and feel love towards them.
The Ukrainian people are helping to resolve the situation, offering food and security to Russian soldiers.
Russian soldiers accept the kindness offered and buy food for money, leaving peace to the Ukrainian people.
After disarming the weapons, Russian soldiers are helping the Ukrainian people rebuild the buildings and those systems that were destroyed during the intervention and serve the purpose of live.
Both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers long to go home to their families, to peace, and to their gardens, if there is one, so that they can begin gardening as spring arrives.
The Ukrainian people are reassured as they see that Russian soldiers are in Ukraine only to deactivate the weapons.
The Ukrainian people are returning to their healthy lifestyle.
The Russian military is not destroying the weapons, but transforming them.
Weapons are made into objects that serve life, such as the iron mesh of buildings' reinforced concrete structures, railroad tracks, playground toys, and memorabilia that can be ordered and bought by any inhabitant of the Earth to commemorate the Divine Man solution to the problem of war.
People realize that official news doesn't bring a solution, just fear, so they don't follow the official news, they start talking to each other, sharing news, and finding love based, helpful solutions.
The Ukrainian people are reassuring residents of foreign countries that the situation is settling down.
Residents of the countries of the world also realize that official news does not bring a solution, only fear, so they do not follow the official news, but start talking to each other, sharing news and finding mutually supportive solutions.
More and more people in the world are involved in the Divine Man solution and creation of the situation based on pure love.
Russian soldiers are withdrawing from the entire territory of Ukraine after the weapons have been deactivated, as Russia has so much territory and so much to cultivate that it does not need additional territories.
They also know that the land to be cultivated in Ukraine must be cultivated by someone, and if the Ukrainians already live there, they should do it.
The inhabitants of the Earth are realizing that the previously dangerous situation has been resolved in a completely new way never seen before in the remembered history, and they recognize that the Golden Age of mankind has begun! :)
Mankind have begun to fully restore the health, eternal protection, and eternal development of planet Earth and all living things! :)
So be it! :)
Making life eternal
Now I will make life eternal in my own environment by shaping my individual consciousness.
I know that the more people do the same, the more real it becomes and not just in the environment of people with such consciousness, but throughout the planet, because together we are shaping the collective consciousness of humanity.
I know that every person is able to heal through his own self-healing processes.
I accept that just as every person can heal himself, so can every person rejuvenate himself.
When I look at or think of a man, I allow his body to become a young body over time, according to his own free will.
When I look at or think of a man, I allow him to become young, healthy and eternal in his own free will.
I accept that the destruction of the body is impossible.
I accept that every deceased must resurrect.
I accept that not only man but all life must be eternal.
I know from the teaching of Grigori Grabovoi that the size of planet Earth can be increased, so that there will always be a suitable habitat for all living beings.
Transforming pests into beneficial organisms
Now, with my thoughts and consciousness, I will create and control the transformation of plant pests into benefits.
I create that the effects of any insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses that have hurt a plant so far should now change to the benefit of the plant.
Just as many bacteria live and help people in their lives, the effects of the plant pest so far should now be beneficial.
An organism hitherto called a pest may still coexist with a plant, but both that organism and the plant transform and evolve to the benefit of each.
The pest so far becomes a benefactor from now on.
The benefactor can still eat from the plant, but from now on the plant will not get sick, but will become tastier, more fragrant, more colorful, more edible, healthier, livelier, more contentful due to the knowledge and experience taken over from the benefactor during the interaction.
The benefactor eats only a small portion of the plant, then moves on.
Just as the feces of a civet cat makes the coffee tastier, so now the feces of the worm that chews the fruit make the fruit tastier.
Under the influence of the benefactor, the plant loses some during eating, but the plant soon makes up for the loss and not only the fruit but the whole plant becomes more developed.
So be it! :)
Restoration of water levels in lakes and rivers
Now I will create and control the restoration of the water level of lakes and rivers with my thoughts and consciousness.
During the rains in May, there is so much rain in the catchment area of the lakes and rivers that the lakes and rivers are filled to a healthy extent.
Water experts pay attention to the continuous adjustment of the sluices that ensure the drainage of the lakes to the appropriate level.
Rain is welcomed by all people because they know that nature, plants and animals need life-giving water and it is during this period that nature can replenish its water reserves the most for summer and autumn.
Everyone is happy to think about the rain, even if it lasts for several days, because they know that these rains will make people's summers even more beautiful and that the crops will be able to grow more abundantly and healthily afterwards.
The water of the rains will be so life-giving that over time, the plants themselves will become eternal and they will be able to grow eternal fruits.
Humans, animals, and other living beings who consume such fruits also begin to become eternal.
So be it! :)
Eliminating the danger of spring frost
Now I will create and control the prevention of spring frosts that endanger the plants with my thoughts and consciousness.
I create that as soon as spring budding begins at the plants, from there, the plants will only be surrounded by a temperature at which they can preserve their lives.
Frost would cause the destruction of life, which is against the Divine plan, so frost is not caused by God but by someone else.
The role of man is enormous for the events of the Earth, including frosts, so the avoidance of frosts can be achieved primarily by developing one's consciousness and harmonizing one's mental state, and using thoughts based on love rather than fear.
I want all people to gradually recognize the consequences of their thoughts, their state of mind, in their own environment.
I know that as soon as one tries to become harmonized, one gets all the help from this world.
Every person who takes care of plants is able to fill their plants with love, so they will be happier, healthier, more resilient and produce healthier fruit.
In the case of predicted cooling, one pays special attention to his plants and fills them with even more love to make them even more resistant in the cold, to have a reserve to warm themselves with the light of love in the cold hours.
I create that every plant collects as much sunlight as it can in the day before the dangerous cold and stores it for the night.
I create that the gardener and every helper can increase the plants' ability to store their own life light.
I create that the gardener is able to stay in touch with his plants during the night's sleep, and as soon as the plant asks for special love help in the cold hours, man also recharges for his plants during the natural rest and recharge time, thus giving them his love, helps them through the cold hours.
In the case of predicted cooling, I create that there is always so much lukewarm breeze that blows away the cold air.
The lukewarm breeze can come from the houses where people light it in the evening, or specifically from fires lit near plants.
If it gets very cold, I create that either natural rain or water spray spilled by the gardener reaches the plants before the cold arrives and the plants can grow ice armor in case of frost and survive the cold outside under the ice armor.
So be it! :)
Calming down of hail, lightning, too much rain, storm, natural disaster
Once the storm has formed, I realize to myself that God only creates good, but man can also create harm, so the storm is caused by people.
Just by accepting my responsibility for the storm and starting to examine it, the storm immediately begins to calm down.
Simultaneously with examining the storm, I begin to look for the inner storm and contradiction in my own body and soul.
I comprehend and understand the teaching of the storm and at the same time harmonize myself, calm my body and soul and at the same time calm the storm.
Lightning is the result of tremendous tension and deviation from the original plan, the harmony.
By aligning with the original plan, lightning and thunder cease immediately.
Hail is the result of a deliberate, petrified thought creation against the original plan.
By aligning with the original plan, helping everything and everyone, protecting life, the hail instantly transforms into rain with big rain drops.
Lightning, thunder, windstorms, hail are fast, continuous manifestations of great energies, so with their control, calm down also occurs quickly.
I direct the amount of water accumulated in the storm to feed the plants, to fill the streams, rivers and lakes, to clean the air and to clean everything.
I transform the quality of the water in the storm so that the falling water gives joy and eternal life to everything and everyone who drinks from it.
At the end of the calming storm, a rainbow appears in the sky for the joy and teaching of all the living things.
So be it! :)
Prevention of natural disasters
I realize to myself that God only creates good, but man can also create harm, so the formation of natural disasters is caused by humans.
I realize to myself that with God's permission, there is a harmful force with free will in the world to tempt people that can affect people who are unaware of this force or do not recognize it.
I consciously avoid all official news and weather forecasts and listen only to my own senses, perception, experience, inner voice, direct acquaintances.
To prevent a natural disaster, I harmonize myself, harmonize my body and soul, and pay attention to what my inner voice advises me to do.
I interpret the advice of my inner voice according to the rule of protecting life and helping everything and everyone, and I follow it with my free will and observe the consequences of my actions, I learn from them.
So be it! :)
Created by: Bencsik Roland. Contact: RolandBencsikRolandhu